Aims & Scope

The medical & pharmaceutical journal «Pulse» is published monthly. The journal publishes original articles on clinical, experimental and fundamental scientific work, scientific reviews, descriptions of clinical cases, as well as materials on all topics of health issues and is a peer-reviewed scientific and practical journal founded in 1999 (from 1999 to 2019 the journal was called «Journal of Scientific Articles Health and Education Millennium»).

Journal subject: The journal publishes articles on medical specialties such as Clinical Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The purpose of the journal is to increase the level of professional training of physicians, pharmacists and healthcare professionals.

The objectives of the journal are to improve the knowledge of doctors, pharmacists and health care professionals on issues of clinical medicine, preventive medicine and pharmacy, and to familiarize them with new and improved technologies for diagnosis, treatment and prevention; improvement of knowledge in the field of organization of medical care; all-round assistance in increasing the efficiency of introducing the results of scientific research into healthcare practice.

The scientific concept of the publication involves the publication of modern achievements in the field of medicine, the results of scientific research, the results of national and international clinical trials.

Both domestic and foreign scientists and doctors of all specialties are invited to publish in the journal in accordance with the subject of the journal.

The journal publishes original articles, the results of fundamental research aimed at studying pathological processes in order to improve the treatment of patients, descriptions of clinical observations, lectures and literature reviews on a wide range of medical issues, as well as the results of clinical and experimental studies.

In the process of preparing the journal, a new and unique concept of journal formation is used: modernization and constant updating of the journal’s website, which allows authors to get acquainted with information about the journal, about the rules for authors, submit manuscripts in a unique electronic form and have free and quick access to their publications.